Kitchen Islands trends

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Popular elements that make today's Kitchen 

Impress with these great new kitchen island features that not only add value to your home but beautify it while making your kitchen more functional. What’s hot now is a  more personalized yet streamlined, clean and functional kitchen; consider these:

The Kitchen Island Waterfall Counter tops

The counter top sides flow downward, instead of stopping at the edge giving the effect of a waterfall. It makes your selected counter top material such as marble or granite look gorgeous.

Classic Furniture Kitchen Islands

Yes, take classic modern farmhouse furniture, armoires or dining room tables and turn those into kitchen islands.

Change up colors

Oh yes, you can change your island furniture color up from the color of your cabinets. Really pops! It adds contrast and dimension to an otherwise bland area.

Tidy Kitchen

Practical and function kitchen with built in storage areas such as pull out drawers, hidden usb charging station, and cases to display your cookbooks and mugs are a few ways of keeping a neat and organized kitchen.

Efficient kitchen  

Add your cook top to the island or a prep sink and free up space on opposite counter space. It creates easy access and efficiency while cooking up a storm.

We all love sharing time and cooking up a storm with friends and family over. Add some stools on the opposite end of the island, enjoy a glass a wine and create the feeling of warmth and flow with these new kitchen elements.